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Philosophy of Education and Teaching January 19, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Philosophy of Education.
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As a future teacher I want to be able to try and make a difference for the lives of the young people we teach. Being a teacher requires a lot of pressure as you are teaching other peoples children in hopes of them accomplishing their dreams and goals in life. In order to be a successful teacher, I believe that you have to put in an endless amount of time preparing your lessons for each and every day of your career. With this in mind, I look forward to making a difference for the future students lives and helping them achieve any goal that they aim to reach for. I want the students I teach to remember me as an inspiring, enthusiastic teacher who aided them in all the wonderful things they learned.

I believe that it is the jobs of the teachers to provide students with the best and most memorable educational experiences they can have. In order to achieve this, the first priority would be building a classroom that is risk free and safe for each and every one of my students. This way the students have a safe environment where learning can be at its highest potential, allowing the students to produce and provide their best work through this environment. It is crucial to build strong relationships with your students first so that they can trust you more as a teacher, and don’t start second-guessing the things you teach them.

It is very important that, as a teacher, you are passionate about what you do and how you do things. This passion is not only about your lifelong career, but it should also stem from how you instruct and implement your lessons as an educator. It is important that you enjoy what you do and excel at the things you do for a living. If you are passionate about what you do, and can do whatever it takes to get your point across to each and every one of your students in a positive way, they will have a more positive learning experience.

Teachers are required to teach students the basic things from reading, writing, spelling, to being able to do basic mathematics and much more. The hardest part is being able to teach these different concepts in a variety of ways so that every student understands it and learns at their own pace. But this is definitely not where teaching stops. As educators, we also teach our students how to be independent, reliable, trustworthy, hard working and good citizens in the world so that they can contribute within their society. I believe that teachers are the most influential people to students because they spend the most time with them, making it important to be a good role model to all your students as a teacher. In order to be good role models, teachers have to have a positive attitude, build good relationships with their students, have a strong atmosphere in their classrooms, and a good reputation as future students are going to be looking up to us and following in our footsteps.

One of the most important things as a teacher is to have a good personal learning network. It is important to build these strong personal learning communities right from the start, and throughout your career as well. We are life long learners in this career after all, so the more people we know and can branch out to, the more we can learn. It is good to share lesson plans with other educators because you will never know what works well, or what not to do if you don’t share your ideas with others around you. We are all in the same profession, so the more we share and adapt things for our own classrooms the more successful we will be in the end.

With this career, I look forward to being able to contribute everything I know as I teach, as well as continue learning different things as my career progresses. I believe that learning does not end once you are done and out of school. Learning is an everyday thing that can, and should occur as your life continues to grow. With this in mind, it is very important to keep your classroom door open to whomever wants to come in and watch you teach as you will never learn new things and be able to collaborate with others if you don’t branch out and step away from your comfort zone.

With all this in mind, my philosophy will indeed change as I continue to learn new things through all the different experiences I will encounter along this journey. I look forward to this never ending learning journey and career that I have chosen to pursue.