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She Shoots and She Scores!! March 25, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Online Learning Project.
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This week I have decided to focus more on the shooting aspect of the game. More specifically trying other shots instead of the slap shot and wrist shot. After all the only way to win the game is by scoring more goals.

One site that I found online that was helpful throughout this process was


This site talked about the different types of shots that you can perform in the game such as one timer, sniping, slap shot, deflections and rebounds. Another resource that I found to be a little more useful was a youtube video, which actually showed the different ways to complete the shots. I thought this was more useful because the visual was something that was easier to understand than just writing and explanations such as those from nhlguides.net.

Here is the youtube video that shows the visuals on how to do the different shots.

From this I decided to focus on the one timer shot first. Here is my first attempt at at one timer.

After some practice of the one timer, I finally had a successful attempt, which resulted in a goal to tie the game up!

Throughout this game I also managed to get my first ever deflection, which resulted in another game equalizers.

After an intense and fast pace game I finally managed to sneak in another goal that won me the game!

This win brings my season to 20(wins)-10(loses)-5(overtime loses)!

If anyone has any other helpful hints or comments please post them and I would love to see what I could do or try differently.

Stay tuned to see how the rest of my season goes!


Back From The Penalty Kill March 23, 2015

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It has been a while since I continued my learning journey. I was busy studying and catching up on some major assignments that were due last week. But its nice to get back into the game and not have to worry and stress about studying.

I still managed to do decently well on the first game back. I tried to work on the one timer in this game but after a while I realized that I needed to focus more on the controls and getting back into the game since it has been a while. So my one-timer attempts in the beginning are pretty weak.

I still remembered how to do the dekes from what I had learned last time playing so I didn’t forget much it was just a matter of getting back into the game after not playing for a while.

It by far was not the best game I have ever played. I ended up losing 1-0 to the Arizona Coyotes. But it definitely wasn’t the worst game I have played either.

Here is the video of my first game back at the game

Deking at the Tips of my Fingers March 3, 2015

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As I stated in my last post, this week I was focusing more on the deking and skills aspect of the game since I have a pretty good understanding of how to play the game now. I am currently at 19 wins, 9 losses and 5 overtime losses. While I was doing some research online on things that could help me improve for my learning project, I came across this website. This website shows you the different skill sticks you can perform in NHL 15. My main focus for this week was to get a handle on how to do the stride deke.

Here is a video of myself playing a game in my Season in the all-star difficulty level.

Throughout this video of one of my games you can find that I used the new stride deke that I just learned about a few times! There were two times where the stride deke even lead to me scoring. (These can be found at 15 seconds into the game and at about 14:57 where the stride deke lead to the game winning goal!) Other parts of the video where I attempted to use the stride deke can be found at around 1:08, 7:47, 8:15 and 12:18 in the video! Some stride dekes were not that effective while others were very effective.

Other areas in this game that I have been improving in are my passing more frequently and winning more face offs! With regards to passing, I have been trying to pass more often in front of the net to set up more scoring opportunities for myself, but my players don’t get in front of the net in time or they are in the wrong spot. I found that I have been more successful with my poke checks as well, such as at around 6:33 in the video where the successful poke check lead to me stopping a scoring opportunity in front of my own net. Another good poke check that got the puck out of my end was around 9:14.

Apart from poke checking I also got a few good hits in this game as well! One good hit I got was at around 3:40 where I actually ending up shattering the glass. Another good hit I got in the game was at about 4:50, which lead to a change in possession and a chance for me to score.

During this game there were a few things that I also struggled with which was picking up bouncing pucks and the a few of the penalties I got lead to power play goals for the opposing team such as at around 11:47. Once again my defence isn’t that strong either but it is definitely getting better!

Any comments or suggestions on things that I can do to improve?

Getting back into the Game February 26, 2015

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It has been a while since I worked on my learning project. I was not able to continue working on it during the break. So when I came back from the break I decided to do some searching online for some different sites that could help me with my game. More specifically I wanted to focus more on the stick handling and deking portion of the game since I have a pretty good idea of how to play the game now.

One of these sites that I will be looking more into on helping me with my next step in this learning project is one that deals with the new superstar skill stick that NHL 15 has. I learned from this site that using the two analog sticks performs all these skills! That sounds pretty easy but then again this might be something that is easier said than done.

These new skills can also be found at this video if you don’t want to go to the website:

So stay tuned to see how many of these new skills I can learn!

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions that might help me out throughout this learning experience I am open to any and all ideas as well! Let me know if you know of some good resources to help me through this project!


Advancing to All-star February 7, 2015

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Recently on my learning journey, I increased my difficulty level from pro to all-star. In the beginning this was a very difficult transition and I found myself constantly losing. However, after playing for a while I started to get the hang of things. I am currently sitting at 4 wins and 4 loses in this difficulty level. I am still struggling with my defense, but I am definitely getting better at the passing and shooting aspect of the game. Here is a video of one of the goals I got in this new level.

Can I make it to the superstar level!?

Stay tuned to see how far I can go with this learning journey!

Season Update January 27, 2015

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As the game progresses I am slowly getting better and getting the hang of how to play. I am beginning to pass the puck around more and shot more often. I am also doing a lot more snap shots then I am taking slap shots. In fact, I can probably say that I rarely ever take any slap shots anymore. In the begin when I started passing the puck more, I noticed I also needed to focus on where I was passing. This was a big issue because I was passing the puck to my own players in front of my net and then the other team would steal the puck and score quite easily.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently playing in the Pro difficulty level of this season now. The first few games were tough transitions after playing in the rookie level where no matter where you were, if you took a slap shot the puck went in. I had to get use to passing the puck around more, taking shots from closer in and I now have to aim where I want to shoot! In the Pro difficulty there is no longer auto aim, so I had to quickly learn how to aim my shots if I wanted any chance of keeping up! So the first few games in this new difficulty level were a challenge, as I couldn’t keep up with the other team and score any goals. Due to this, I have now lost a few games in my season. Once I started getting use to passing more and shooting more I started scoring goals and began winning some games again!

I have noticed that I am getting better at handling the puck as well now, which has really helped me to get around players more effectively. Most of my shots now are aimed at the corners of the net because anywhere else I aim it just goes straight at the goalie. However, my defense is still lacking and causing me to get a few too many goals scored against me.

Currently in my season I am at 8 wins, 3 loses and 1 overtime loss (8-3-1). I had my first overtime game tonight where I hit the cross bar early on, which then ended up going to a shootout. So this being my first time ever in a shootout, I had no idea how to do the appropriate moves/dekes in order to score so I lost the shoot out 1-0, resulting in the other team winning 4-3.

Here is the video of my first shootout:

Rookie Season Started! January 21, 2015

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Tonight was my first time playing in the Rookie Season I created! In the beginning I was just skating around with the player who had the puck and wasn’t doing so well. I soon realized that the more you pass the puck around and the more often you shoot the odds of you scoring are better. Although, I am still struggling with the idea of passing the puck often, I managed to do a lot better once I started shooting more! I won my first three games of the season simply because I was taking lots of shots. My first three games were won by quite a bit, so I have decided to challenge myself even more and take it up to the Pro difficulty next time I play again!

One of the helpful things on the Beginner mode was that there would be boxes that would pop up providing me with tips on how to succeed. For example, boxes would pop up telling me how I could win face offs, how I could direct the puck off a face off and I had another tell me how to hit players.Hint

So this was one bonus to the beginner level for sure that really helped!

I noticed that I was getting a lot of penalties from the poke checks that I was attempting. Due to these penalties, the opposing team was scoring most of their goals on the power plays. After this, I started doing less poke checks and the game started to turn around, as I wasn’t getting as many penalties. However, as the experience progresses I hope to get the timing of my poke checks better so that it can enhance my defense skills. As the game progressed, and I was winning by quite a bit, I started to play around with the different controls to see what they were. I know that using the L1 button and moving the right analog sticks creates different dekes throughout the game but I don’t really know how to use them yet. I would get a deke the odd time here and there and have no idea how I did it.

Throughout this learning journey, I hope to learn how to perform some different dekes within the game and not get them by fluke, and have better timing on the poke checks to result in less penalties and better defensive play. Lastly, I would like to see more passing and game play occurring as this experience progresses and less controlling the puck with one player.


First Attempt at Playing Online January 20, 2015

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After playing a couple games in the Hockey Ultimate Team I realized that this is not the spot for a beginner to start! The first game started out with a lot of frantic button hitting and a whole heck of a lot of beginners luck on my side! Throughout the majority of the game I was losing. However, there was a 10 second time frame where I was ahead of my opponent 3-2. But like I said, it was 10 seconds, so it didn’t last very long!

Some things I learned while playing my first two games online were that it is very important to shoot as much as possible even if you are far from the net. The more I began to shoot, the more the beginners luck kicked in and the odd puck would trickle in. With regards to shooting, the type of shot you decide to use is also a critical aspect to the game. After playing for a while I realized that it is better to take snap shots instead of slap shots because snap shots are quicker to take. Another thing that was really important that I learned was poke checking is very crucial in this game. My defense is was terrible and I tend to circle around the players with the puck instead of trying to steal the puck. So after playing for a little bit I realized the importance of utilizing the poke check button. Once I figured out how to use the poke check and lift stick controls things started to brighten up, but not by much.

In my first game I lost 4-7, but I did managed to score 4 goals! My first goal was quite unexpected, my second goal was off the rebound and my third goal was a slap shot. My second game I lost 0-1 but got into my first fight and actually won the fight, once again by frantically hitting buttons.

However, after the first two games on Hockey Ultimate Team I realized that I should be starting with a season first where I play against computer players and not other people online. So I am going to change my project slightly. Instead of playing on the Hockey Ultimate Team, I am going to start a season at the difficulty level of Rookie and gradually work my way through pro, all-star and superstar difficulties. Once I accomplish these difficulty levels and only when I get through all of these will I then think about playing online again.


Beginning of Learning Journey January 20, 2015

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Tonight was my first attempt at my learning project, which is learn how to play NHL 15 on the play station 3. The game didn’t come with a manual so finding out the controls before starting was a challenge in itself. So while, I was waiting for the play station to update I decided to check online and see what I could find for some controls. While searching online, I came across this amazing site that might help me through this train wreck. The site is a complete guide for NHL 14 and 15! I struggled with what to pick for the beginning when it asked for my preferences, and that had nothing to do with attempting to play the game yet… This is going to be a long learning experience!

Once the preferences were picked it took me through a bunch of tutorials that were really helpful. These tutorials included: how to take a wrist shot and slap shot, how to aim your shot, how to perform some deking drills, defensive drills, board play drills and lastly it took me through some face off drills. This was a lot of things to try and comprehend all at once but once I start playing I think I should be able to get the hang of things more.

Throughout this experience it is going to be hard to take videos of my progress while playing the game, but I will make sure to include any replays that it may show! The first video I have so far is when I attempted to do a slap shot in the tutorial the game took me through. I had to shoot twice, because my first attempt at a slap shot was not successful. Instead I did a wrist shot.

Here is the video:

For this learning experience, I have started a Hockey Ultimate Team where you start at division 10 playing against other opponents online. As you progress through the game, you will gradually progress up the divisions, where division 1 is the highest. Stay tuned to see how far I can go with this learning journey!