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Transforming Teaching March 28, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

I recently came across this video and used it in my EPSY 400 presentation on Teaching For Diversity.

This is a great TedTalk that deals with transforming the teacher in Indigenous Education. I believe this video goes far beyond just Indigenous Education. We can take the things they talk about in this video into our classroom to make learning more engaging, meaningful and authentic to all our learners.

It talks about the idea that:

Potential x Effort + Relevant to own context = Success!

Students enjoy learning when they can understand the importance of it to their future life.


Another important thing is the idea that educators need to listen to the families of their children because where the students come from is where they are going. It is not our job as educators to determine the future for our students but instead we should be helping our students in areas that will allow them to be successful in whatever they decide to do. Lasting change begins with the teachers!

If you have not seen this Ted Talk I suggest you take a look at it! It is a very powerful video that deals with more than just transforming teachers in Indigenous Education.

Any thoughts or comments on this video?




1. daguenther - April 1, 2015

Really neat video! I like the importance on context of the individual, and how that has to be a conversation with the community. It’s amazing how much students wanted to learn once it was made relevant to themselves. I think that is something that needs to transform education as a whole.

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