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Technology March 26, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

Throughout University we always talk about the importance of integrating technology into our classrooms. It wasn’t until taking ECMP that I finally realized how beneficial we could make teaching with the help of technology. I always viewed technology in the classroom as a negative thing because I always thought what good is it when students can just Google all the answers. They are not actually learning anything when they can find the answers online.

My view on technology has definitely changed after take this class and ECMP 355 since we learned how to properly use technology and incorporate it in a meaningful and engaging way in our classrooms. Technology allows us to collaborate with others, expand learning to more than just in the classroom and make learning fun, engaging and authentic.

I think this a great photo that illustrates ECMP 455 and the different things that we have talked about and learned. Not only did we talk about these different things in this class but I think it is important that we start changing our teaching to model these different things!
ECMP 455 Summary




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