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3.1415 March 14, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

Recently in my EMTH 450 class we talked about this video with regards to Pi

As a math major we talk about pi quite a bit and have used it in school for a while now. But I have never thought about Pi in this way that it is explain in the video. The video talks about how you can find any number within pi such as your birthday, social insurance number, name, combination to your locker and any other number.

This number keeps on going forever without ever repeating. You can also covert these numbers into letters and find them within pi as well. So essentially, whatever you wanted to find whether it be a number or a word can be found within pi! This is so interesting and has made pi more than just 3.141592653589……..

You can try it out yourself if you were like me and don’t believe it! Go to


and click control/command f and search any number you want and it will appear!


Any thoughts on this?



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