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#Saskedchat March 9, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity of taking part in my second #saskedchat on Twitter with my ECMP 455 class as well as an ECS 300 class. The SaskEdChat usually takes part on Thursday’s nights from 8-9pm but we had the ECMP 455 and ECS 300 class had a special chat for us upcoming teachers. We got to collaborate with other educators around the topic of beginning teachers and once again the experience was phenomenal.

Once again the chat was really hard to follow due to the amount of tweeting that was occurring. I found that I would be busy reading other people’s tweets or I would be having a conversation with a person and I would miss the different questions that were asked. But I found that TweetDeck was a great tool to use for a twitter chat like this that keeps everything organized and accessible on one page. It allows all the tweets with regards to this chat be found on one page and you can also favorite, reply and retweet right from tweet deck.


This is a great way to increase your PLN since you get to meet with different educators to discuss the same questions. From this chat I found that I have been getting a lot more followers and it has given me the opportunity to follow a lot of different people as well. The amount of new followers I have received from just taking part in two SaskEdChats is unreal.



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