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Deking at the Tips of my Fingers March 3, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Online Learning Project.

As I stated in my last post, this week I was focusing more on the deking and skills aspect of the game since I have a pretty good understanding of how to play the game now. I am currently at 19 wins, 9 losses and 5 overtime losses. While I was doing some research online on things that could help me improve for my learning project, I came across this website. This website shows you the different skill sticks you can perform in NHL 15. My main focus for this week was to get a handle on how to do the stride deke.

Here is a video of myself playing a game in my Season in the all-star difficulty level.

Throughout this video of one of my games you can find that I used the new stride deke that I just learned about a few times! There were two times where the stride deke even lead to me scoring. (These can be found at 15 seconds into the game and at about 14:57 where the stride deke lead to the game winning goal!) Other parts of the video where I attempted to use the stride deke can be found at around 1:08, 7:47, 8:15 and 12:18 in the video! Some stride dekes were not that effective while others were very effective.

Other areas in this game that I have been improving in are my passing more frequently and winning more face offs! With regards to passing, I have been trying to pass more often in front of the net to set up more scoring opportunities for myself, but my players don’t get in front of the net in time or they are in the wrong spot. I found that I have been more successful with my poke checks as well, such as at around 6:33 in the video where the successful poke check lead to me stopping a scoring opportunity in front of my own net. Another good poke check that got the puck out of my end was around 9:14.

Apart from poke checking I also got a few good hits in this game as well! One good hit I got was at around 3:40 where I actually ending up shattering the glass. Another good hit I got in the game was at about 4:50, which lead to a change in possession and a chance for me to score.

During this game there were a few things that I also struggled with which was picking up bouncing pucks and the a few of the penalties I got lead to power play goals for the opposing team such as at around 11:47. Once again my defence isn’t that strong either but it is definitely getting better!

Any comments or suggestions on things that I can do to improve?



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