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Is Technology Really a Good Thing? February 4, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

Last night in our ECMP class we got to explore a new type of technology to collaborate with other people. Instead of using Blackboard Collaborate we got to try something different called Blue Jeans. I found that there were both pros and cons to this and think that the Blackboard Collaborate works better for myself. The reason I say this is because for the majority of the session my screen was frozen but I could still hear who was talking. I had to log out of the site a few times to try and reset the session. It would work for a little bit but then it would freeze again. One thing, I like about this was how easy it was to pick up the microphone and get involved in the conversation and how we could see everyone that was involved in the session.

Last night we talked about the negative aspects that technology can have on our society. One of the major things was cyber bulling. There are so many different applications and sites that allow people to interact with different people from around the world that they do not know. The intentions of these applications and sites are to allow us to interact and collaborate with other people around the world and build new relationships with these people. However, things started to turn in a very negative direction very quickly! As we mentioned last night, lots of these different sites started to contain a lot of inappropriate material, which then quickly leads to the idea of cyber bullying and so on. Some of theses sites and applications that were discussed were Tinder, Yik Yak, Chat Roulette, Omegle, and Snapchat. The negative results of these different forms of technology quickly started to get people to disconnect with others around the world. As a result, we had different questions arise such as, how should parents keep their children off the site, if parents should be monitoring the different forms of technology that their children are using and if they are using it appropriately? This is something that is very difficult to do as children start using and finding out about these different forms of technology at the age of 9. Since they find out about these different sites at such a young age, they start abusing the different sites that they use. There are some sites that could be very useful for connecting with others, but the amount of people abusing these sites and using them in negatives ways has put such a negative image on these sites.

Another thing we talked about last night was how do we allow the students to understand the issues that arise with technology before they start becoming a part of it? As an educator, I find it hard to monitor the different forms of technology that students come across on a daily basis when they know how to use technology better than I do. Some of these different programs they are involved with I have never even heard about. For example, I had never heard about the Yik Yak application you could get until it became an issue at the school I was interning at. Applications like these where things are posted online anonymously have such an impact on students lives. The reason I say this is because students are now not afraid to post what they are thinking and they are not afraid to get involved in cyber bullying due to the fact that things are anonymous. So how can we get our students to stray away from using these different types of technology in a negative way? This is an issue that arises in the vast majority of classrooms so how can we monitor what the students are doing on these different applications?

Another interesting point that arises with this situation is the idea of how teachers can keep up with these different forms of technology in their classroom. I say this because as educators we do the best we can to try and get students to not get involved in cyber bullying and the negative aspects of technology. With this being said, there are always going to be people abusing these different applications that are out there.

How can we as teachers monitor the different things that go on with these different forms of technology when new and more improved forms of technology keep coming out?

So how can we deal with the negative aspects of Yik Yak, for example, when there are other applications very similar to this such as Guilt, and Ask Fm that are coming out?

Any thoughts on this?






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