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Season Update January 27, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Online Learning Project.

As the game progresses I am slowly getting better and getting the hang of how to play. I am beginning to pass the puck around more and shot more often. I am also doing a lot more snap shots then I am taking slap shots. In fact, I can probably say that I rarely ever take any slap shots anymore. In the begin when I started passing the puck more, I noticed I also needed to focus on where I was passing. This was a big issue because I was passing the puck to my own players in front of my net and then the other team would steal the puck and score quite easily.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently playing in the Pro difficulty level of this season now. The first few games were tough transitions after playing in the rookie level where no matter where you were, if you took a slap shot the puck went in. I had to get use to passing the puck around more, taking shots from closer in and I now have to aim where I want to shoot! In the Pro difficulty there is no longer auto aim, so I had to quickly learn how to aim my shots if I wanted any chance of keeping up! So the first few games in this new difficulty level were a challenge, as I couldn’t keep up with the other team and score any goals. Due to this, I have now lost a few games in my season. Once I started getting use to passing more and shooting more I started scoring goals and began winning some games again!

I have noticed that I am getting better at handling the puck as well now, which has really helped me to get around players more effectively. Most of my shots now are aimed at the corners of the net because anywhere else I aim it just goes straight at the goalie. However, my defense is still lacking and causing me to get a few too many goals scored against me.

Currently in my season I am at 8 wins, 3 loses and 1 overtime loss (8-3-1). I had my first overtime game tonight where I hit the cross bar early on, which then ended up going to a shootout. So this being my first time ever in a shootout, I had no idea how to do the appropriate moves/dekes in order to score so I lost the shoot out 1-0, resulting in the other team winning 4-3.

Here is the video of my first shootout:



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