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RSS Readers and Twitter Chat January 24, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

This week’s class we talked about different RSS feeders that are available out there for us to use. Some of these include: TweetDeck, Inoreader, Feedly and Digg. I remember using TweetDeck in ECMP 355 but other than that I have never really been back on it. After using it in class on Tuesday, I realized how useful this tool could in fact be. Instead of always trying to search up common hashtags that we use in our daily lives, it is all laid out for us in the reader. You can even, reply to tweets and favorite these tweets right from this tool. Everything is now organized in one column and you don’t have to go searching around for it and looking at other things when you are focusing on one thing.

I also never knew about the impact that twitter chat can have on a person’s learning networks. I always thought you had to be following the people yourself in order to get your tweets out there. However, since Alec sent out the questions and used our class hashtag, #ecmp455, we had people from all over the world responding, favorite or even post within our class hastag. From this twitter chat, I got follows from other math/education people and was directed to some very interesting math apps and resources. I also got so many more views on my twitter account from this one twitter chat that I took part in. I found it unreal, that just answering five questions using the same hashtag could lead to these results! From this one twitter chat, I have more people looking at my twitter, I was able to add some people whom I don’t even know to broaden my personal learning network and see what other people in this field had to say about the same questions that we were answering.

I am not much of a twitter/social media person. I mean I have accounts in most of the social media networks out there, but I don’t actually do much with them myself. So hopefully I can begin to get out there more in and through this class!



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