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First Attempt at Playing Online January 20, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Online Learning Project.

After playing a couple games in the Hockey Ultimate Team I realized that this is not the spot for a beginner to start! The first game started out with a lot of frantic button hitting and a whole heck of a lot of beginners luck on my side! Throughout the majority of the game I was losing. However, there was a 10 second time frame where I was ahead of my opponent 3-2. But like I said, it was 10 seconds, so it didn’t last very long!

Some things I learned while playing my first two games online were that it is very important to shoot as much as possible even if you are far from the net. The more I began to shoot, the more the beginners luck kicked in and the odd puck would trickle in. With regards to shooting, the type of shot you decide to use is also a critical aspect to the game. After playing for a while I realized that it is better to take snap shots instead of slap shots because snap shots are quicker to take. Another thing that was really important that I learned was poke checking is very crucial in this game. My defense is was terrible and I tend to circle around the players with the puck instead of trying to steal the puck. So after playing for a little bit I realized the importance of utilizing the poke check button. Once I figured out how to use the poke check and lift stick controls things started to brighten up, but not by much.

In my first game I lost 4-7, but I did managed to score 4 goals! My first goal was quite unexpected, my second goal was off the rebound and my third goal was a slap shot. My second game I lost 0-1 but got into my first fight and actually won the fight, once again by frantically hitting buttons.

However, after the first two games on Hockey Ultimate Team I realized that I should be starting with a season first where I play against computer players and not other people online. So I am going to change my project slightly. Instead of playing on the Hockey Ultimate Team, I am going to start a season at the difficulty level of Rookie and gradually work my way through pro, all-star and superstar difficulties. Once I accomplish these difficulty levels and only when I get through all of these will I then think about playing online again.




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