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Beginning of Learning Journey January 20, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in Online Learning Project.

Tonight was my first attempt at my learning project, which is learn how to play NHL 15 on the play station 3. The game didn’t come with a manual so finding out the controls before starting was a challenge in itself. So while, I was waiting for the play station to update I decided to check online and see what I could find for some controls. While searching online, I came across this amazing site that might help me through this train wreck. The site is a complete guide for NHL 14 and 15! I struggled with what to pick for the beginning when it asked for my preferences, and that had nothing to do with attempting to play the game yet… This is going to be a long learning experience!

Once the preferences were picked it took me through a bunch of tutorials that were really helpful. These tutorials included: how to take a wrist shot and slap shot, how to aim your shot, how to perform some deking drills, defensive drills, board play drills and lastly it took me through some face off drills. This was a lot of things to try and comprehend all at once but once I start playing I think I should be able to get the hang of things more.

Throughout this experience it is going to be hard to take videos of my progress while playing the game, but I will make sure to include any replays that it may show! The first video I have so far is when I attempted to do a slap shot in the tutorial the game took me through. I had to shoot twice, because my first attempt at a slap shot was not successful. Instead I did a wrist shot.

Here is the video:

For this learning experience, I have started a Hockey Ultimate Team where you start at division 10 playing against other opponents online. As you progress through the game, you will gradually progress up the divisions, where division 1 is the highest. Stay tuned to see how far I can go with this learning journey!



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