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First Week! January 12, 2015

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECMP 455.

It was great to meet everyone in ECMP 455 in our first class Tuesday night. I will have to admit it has been 3 years since I took ECMP 355 so I don’t remember much from that class that I can bring forward with me in this class. I hope after a few classes some things will come back to me, and I hope to learn a great deal more in this class.

I really enjoyed watching the two videos on the Google plus community. The videos create a sense of understanding and a deeper meaning towards technology. When technology first comes to mind, I think of social media, the Internet, and texting. After watching those videos, it allows us to realize that technology is, in fact, way more than just that! Technology is taking for granted in today’s society and we need to be more appreciative of it and happy with the different things that it allows us to do!

Although, technology frustrates me and I struggle with it, I can’t wait to see what EMCP 455 has to offer this semester!



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