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Third week of Pre-Internship April 7, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Pre-internship.

WOW! I can’t believe pre-internship is already over! The three weeks was an amazing experience and I learned a lot in and through this experience. As the three weeks progressed I slowly started to know all of my students names, which made teaching easier. Once I started to know the students names I found they paid more attention and were more serious with me. In the beginning the students loved the idea of having a “pre-intern” as their teacher because they thought they could do whatever they wanted and not take things as seriously as if it were there actually teacher teaching them. As the three weeks went on I became more confident in my teaching, which made teaching a lot more fun for myself.

Throughout this last week I implemented a few more different assessment strategies and evaluations in my process. I was given the opportunity to create my own exam for my grade 9 math class. This was a great experience to be able to take part in. I learned how to do things from my co-op teacher with regards to making an exam. I think that the exam I created in the end was pretty well done. Most students finished the exam pretty quickly while other students required the whole time to complete the exam. In the end the marks were all different as well but the marks definitely reflected what the students knew. So from this, I got a sense that the exam I created was well suited for this class and it wasn’t too easy for most students and it also wasn’t too hard for the majority of the class either. From this, I was given the experience to mark all the exams in one night and I did not realize how stressful it could be. I struggled with marking the students exams who ended up failing in the end and trying to determine how many partial marks the students should get for not getting a question correct. I didn’t like the idea of having students fail the exam but at the same time I knew that I needed to mark all the students fairly and in the same manner. I didn’t have very many students who failed so that was not to bad in the end.

Just like the other two weeks of pre-internship, I spent a lot of time walking around giving the students feedback while they were working on worksheet or the questions from the whiteboard. With the worksheets that the students handed in for me to mark, I made sure that I provided the students with lots of feedback on what they needed to do to improve or what they needed to be more careful with when they were solving equations.

Pre-internship was a great experience and I learned a lot with my partner as well as with our co-op teacher. We made some mistakes along the way but managed to get through everything in the end. These mistakes we made were a great learning experience in itself. I learned new things in this experience as well as things that I shouldn’t do next time or at least I should do differently next time.



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