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Second Week of Pre-Internship March 30, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Pre-internship.

My second week of pre-internship was a great experience and I can’t believe it is almost over! We got to teach another class apart from our grade 9 math class for the duration of the week. Our second class we took on was grade 9 science. I wasn’t as comfortable about taking on this class as I am with teaching math, as science is not my minor. But so far everything is going pretty good. On Friday, my partner and I taught three classes. The three classes we team-taught were Foundations 20, Science 9 and Math 9. We are going to continue to team teach these three classes on Monday. After Monday, my partner is taking Foundations 20, we are team teaching Science 9 and I will be teaching Math 9 alone.

For this second week of teaching we incorporated a few assessment strategies in our lessons. In our math 9 class we created a worksheet for the students, gave them class time to do the assignment and told the students they had to have the assignment finished and handed in next class for marks. We noticed our students were having trouble with solving equations so for one class we gave the students all index cards and came up with the steps to solving equations. We got the students to write these steps down on their index cards and put them in their binders. The students are allowed to refer to this index card whenever they need, including quizzes and tests. We also provided the grade 9 class with another work sheet dealing with let statements and solving word problems. We asked the students to hand these sheets in and looked at them to see where the students were with word problems and let statements. We provided the students with descriptive feedback on these sheets so the students know how they are doing and things that they need to remember for next time when dealing with let statements and word problems. We have also provided our math class with a poll everywhere where the students could anonymously answer the question we had. From this we got an idea of how much the students knew and understood from our lessons. We thought this would be a good idea as students would not be afraid to put their ideas out there as it was all anonymous. However, next time I don’t think we would do a poll everywhere and keep it as open as we did for the first one. We never took into consideration all the different possible answers that we could get. We provided descriptive feedback on the quizzes the students did as well as the various worksheets we had them hand in. We also created an exit slip for our second week of teaching as well as co-constructed the criteria with our science 9 students for things that they should be researching on the four different atomic models. Just like the first week, this week we also did a lot of walking around observing our students as they worked on questions and provided them with feedback throughout it all. This week we gave them a little more feedback while walking around by letting our students know if they were doing the correct steps, if they did something wrong and needed to take another look at a question and so on.

I can tell the difference in my teaching from the first week to the second week already. I am now a little better with my time management and I know how to adapt my lessons on the fly a lot better and more accurately. In the beginning I was all about trying to get through everything I had planned for my lesson even if some students were a little bit lost. In my second week, I learned that it is more important to take things slowly and make sure that all the students understand what I am trying to teach them. It isn’t that big of a deal if I don’t get through everything that I had planned. This way we might not get through everything the outcome requires for us to do, but at least the students have a better understanding of what I taught them and they are not confused. I have talked to my co-op teacher about this issue with time management and not being able to accomplish all that I have planned. He just told me that it all comes with time and practice and it isn’t that big of an issue if you can’t get through everything that is required.

In the third week, I am given the opportunity to create an exam for my grade 9 math class. This is going to be a great learning opportunity for me on how to create exams since I have never done this before. I can’t wait for my third week of pre-internship and learning many more different things along the way!



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