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First week of Pre-Internship March 24, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Pre-internship.

First week of pre-internship was an amazing experience. We observed a couple math classes, a science 10 class and a Spanish class. From these experiences we got to see how different teachers teach and manage their own classes. In the first week we taught four lessons of grade 9 math and we taught the TAG class one day. In grade 9 math we are teaching the students chapter 6 which is the unit on solving equations. My partner and I have arranged the unit so that it goes along with March Madness that is currently taking place. We made our own Math March Madness where the students will take part in 5 different challenges within this unit. From the challenges, the teams that have the most points at the end of each challenge will determine which teams move on in the bracket and the losers will be moved to the “b” side of the bracket. Our first activity we did was to determine how the teams would be set up in the bracket so that the stronger teams would go head to head against each other and the weaker teams would play each other. This way the playing field was fair for all the students. In our Math March Madness we made the rule that each team automatically gets a point for participation if all their team members are at class that day during the challenge.

Our very first lesson that we taught didn’t go as we had planned so we had to change some things on the fly. Our development that we intended to take 35 minutes only ended up taking 15 minutes, as the students understood how to do the question quite easily. Our co-op teacher was even impressed with how much they knew. So we had to add more complex questions during the lesson to give the students a little more of a challenge. We also extended the activity at the end so that the students could practice the questions more. The activity we had at the end was Speed Equations where the students took part in a heads up game of speed with someone from another team.

As for assessment in our first week we have done a homework check on a worksheet that we provided the students, we did a quiz on Friday afternoon and we also gave the students an entrance slip one day. Also everyday we are always doing a formative/on-going assessment with the students as we are always walking around seeing how the students are doing with the assignments or activities that we provide them with.

Our first week of pre-internship had a variety of different things that we got to experienced. We experienced a lesson that didn’t go as planned and the students understanding the material very quickly, we got to make up our own quiz for the students to do and we also experienced a lesson on Friday afternoon where the students were struggling to understand the concept. So Monday afternoon we have to revisit some of the same things with the grade 9’s and hopefully after that lesson they begin to understand the content we are currently teaching.



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