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First Day Teaching March 18, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Pre-internship.

Today during grade 9 Science we got to encounter our very first feel of assessment. We got to evaluate the different Science Fair projects that the students did. We evaluated the students on the creativity of the project, the skill required to do the actual experiment, how they presented their projects and if they had finished their reports or not based off of a rubric our co-op teacher had made for us. This was the first time I had ever had to evaluate the students so I found it difficult to evaluate them. I say this mainly because we don’t really know the students yet and the grade I was giving the students didn’t really seem that good to me anyways. However, the grade I was giving the students projects did fall within what our co-op teacher said they should be getting on them. I think this was a great experience to encounter with our co-op teacher as it gives me a better idea of how we should go about creating these different rubrics and grading the students.

Another form of assessment that we did was incorporated into the very first lesson we taught, which was grade 9 math. For the lesson, after demonstrating and explaining how to solve linear equations we gave the students six different examples that they were to complete and hand in on a piece of paper. We did this as a form of formative assessment as after the lesson I was able to go home and check the questions that the students did. From here, I can see areas in which the students struggled with to things like silly mistakes that they were making. This is a great way to see where the students are at and what we should be going over more with the students in our next lesson before we move on and so forth. For the most part though the students understood what we taught very well and very quickly. So for the next lesson, we plan to make the lesson more difficult as we have a better idea of where the students are with this material just from the first lesson.



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