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Orientation March 15, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Pre-internship.

During our first couple days of orientation at pre-internship we just observed the classes that our co-op teacher taught and walked around helping students when he wasn’t lecturing. We discussed the different classes that we would be able to take on and teach during the three weeks. We talked to him about the different things he does in his classroom and policies he has for certain things such as calculators and cell phones. He let us take a look at his grade book and how he evaluated his students. I noticed in his grade book that he had a lot of zeros in it. When I asked him what his thought on giving zeros was, he said that the students could always get rid of the zero they received when they chose to hand in their missing assignments. He didn’t really have a deadline as to when they couldn’t hand in late assignments in either. As for missing exams/tests he was pretty easy going with that too. For example, one girl couldn’t write the math exam on Friday because she was helping out with Hoopla, so he just said that she could come in at lunch on Wednesday and write it when he had all the students come in at lunch for homework and catching up.

Kaylyn and I are teaching grade 9 math for the entire three weeks and he also said that we could try and make up an exam for them at the end of the unit as well. He would either help us make the exam, or the three of us could make it together, or Kaylyn and I would make one and our co-op would make one and we would combine them together at the end. For our first lesson we are planning on getting the students to create linear equations for their classmates and then their classmates would have to solve these equations. From this activity we would be able to do an ongoing assessment based on if the students had any trouble coming up with the linear equations or if they had trouble solving them. This way we will be able to see how much the students have actually learned and understood about solving equations. If they can come up with equations and solve for the equations as well then they have learned the material. Also, from this ongoing formative assessment we have a better idea of how to go about creating our next lessons.



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