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Learning Journey #5 February 28, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Learning Journey.

After listening to the presentation from the Ministry of Education I learned a bunch of new things such as the plan for growth that they are planning at the moment. This includes things from: reducing the graduation gap between First Nations and Métis students and their non-Aboriginal peers by 50% in 2020, increasing the number of grade three students reading level by 20% so that they are “at level”, and a plan for an increase in the graduation rate of students. These are all great goals and things that definitely need to start happening soon. Especially since so many students going into high school or any grade for that matter are simply getting pushed through the system even though they below reading grade level and so on. I personally don’t think that students should be getting pushed through the system like they are. By pushing them through they are not learning anything and you are technically putting them in a deeper hole then where they first started. How are we allowing students to be successful by allowing them to be pushed through? I believe this because as you progress through each grade in school things start to get more difficult. So if your students are having trouble being successful in the previous grades, what is going to change for them when they are just getting pushed through the school system? What are they learning if any from being pushed through? Why are supports not being provided to these students to try and help them succeed instead of just pushing them through? How is this preparing students for University or College and the real world outside of school? To me this is just setting the students up for failure later on in life. It is also saying to the students that it is okay to not understand certain things and that you don’t necessarily have to learn it. I believe it is issues like this that students begin to have a terrible attitude towards school and their own learning. Due to this there is a fewer amount of students attending colleges and universities. Not only are they not going to universities and colleges but also it is making it more difficult for these students to get involved in the work force. 

Apart from this plan for growth, there were some controversial ideas that were talked about as well. Things such as the idea that if you wanted to get into the Faculty of Engineering and you were a high school student from Saskatchewan you needed a 92% average. If you were a high school student from Alberta you only needed an 85% in order to get accepted into this faculty. How is this fair at all? How can things be changed so that things like this don’t continue to happen? Are schools in Alberta that much better academically?




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