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Learning Journey #4 February 21, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Learning Journey.

After reading this textbook, it emphasizes the importance it is to involve your students and their parents in all possible ways in your class. Not only involving your parents and students in the classroom but also encouraging students to go home and share what they are learning with their parents. This included everything from the assessment process, providing the students with feedback, having “open house” events at school for the parents to come and watch, to the evaluating and reporting process of the students in the end as well. Before this class I knew that it was important to get the parents involved in what it was their children were learning in school, but I didn’t realize that it was necessary in getting the parents involved with the evaluating and reporting process of their children as well. I actually didn’t think that was even possible to do prior to reading this textbook. After reading this textbook it all makes sense why we would involve the parents and students in everything that we can in and through their learning journey. This way there will be no surprises or upsets with the final grades of the students learning. When the parents are involved through this whole process they can help their children do better in school and the parents can become a part of their children’s learning journey. It is also important that parents are involved in their children’s learning so if there is any misunderstanding or disagreements with students’ grades, parents and teachers can talk about it right from the beginning and not when the marks are already submitted. I realize the importance it is to involve parents in their chid’s learning journey as they can help out teachers at home when teachers are not there and available. Parents can work at home with their child on their learning if they know where their child is at and what they are trying to reach in the end.



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