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Chapter Ten – Evaluating and Reporting February 13, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 410.

This chapter states that, “Evaluation and reporting occur at the point in the classroom assessment cycle when the learning pauses, and the evidence is organized and evaluated by comparing it to what students needed to learn.” (p.93) From here, the results of the evaluation are usually shared through reports and final grades. This chapter talks about how evaluating and reporting are clearly the last and final step of the assessment process but it is crucial that these steps start earlier on throughout the learning journey of our learners. This chapter talks about how “evaluating and reporting require professional judgment in response to the following four issues: 1) What does the student know, what is she or he able to do, and what can she or he articulate? 2) What areas require further attention or development? 3) In what ways can the student’s learning be supported? 4) How is the student progressing in relation to the standards or development for students in a similar age range?” (p.93) This chapter talks about how evaluating is not done by only the teacher, instead it requires the role of the students and parents as well.

“Reporting is an ongoing process that should involve students, parents and teachers in examining and making sense of a student’s learning.” (p.96) This means that every time a student talks to their parents, peers, or teachers about what they are learning and doing in school they are reporting. It is important to involve your students in the reporting as a teacher so that they can go home and explain the reports and their grades to their parents in the end. This way there is no surprises or upsets at the ends towards what the students overall mark/grade is. Apart from keeping in contact with your students it is also as important to keep in touch with the parents with the students’ work and learning process. As important as it is to grade your students as a teacher it is just as important to keep students and their parents involved with the daily schoolwork occurring in you class. This way the students and parents understand the final grades you give your students and there are no surprises and upsets. In the end, it is just as important to involve your students and their parents in the evaluating and reporting process.



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