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Chapter Nine – Communicating About Learning February 13, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 410.

This chapter talks about the importance it is to communicate with our students/children to learn what they are learning in and through school. One way to communicate is through involving students with others about their learning, and then they start to understand what they have learned, what they need to learn, and the different kinds of supports that are available to them. “This teaches them to self-monitor – an essential skill for self-directed, independent, lifelong learners.” (p.86) This chapter talks about the two key components to successful communication through learning, which include students collecting and demonstrating their learning and then the audiences providing these learners with feedback. This chapter talks about the idea that when learners “have a specific audience it helps the learners focus the presentation, making it more purposeful and more likely to inform.” (p.86) Apart from this it is also important to ask the audience for both positive and negative feedback regarding the learners’ presentations. “Even with the best intentions, mistakes are made. We need to know what is working and what is not so that we can continue to improve on our learning path.” (p.91)

Through the classes I am currently taking we usually communicate our learning with others by creating short presentations in which the class takes part. From these presentations we usually have peer observers as well as the professor observing, taking notes and marking us at the back. By doing our presentations this way we get feedback from both our audience/peers, and our instructors. I believe this is an essential way of demonstrating our learning in the class but I also think it is as important that we have our instructor and peer evaluating and observing us as well. This way you get feedback from your peers, which at times can be more beneficial than from your instructor. I also believe that it is important to get feedback from more than once source as you will get different perspectives of what you can do differently next time and what went well.

So in general, I believe that it is important to not only communicate with your learners as a teacher but it is also important to allow you learners to demonstrate their learning throughout your class. This way the learners can get feedback from their audience and not just from their teachers. Like I said earlier, it is essential to get as many perspectives in on a students learning journey as possible as they can begin to see what they are doing well and what they need to change or improve for next time. I think it is important that we allow our peers to assess our learning as well as our teachers as some learners may find the feedback/responses from our peers more beneficial than that of our teachers.



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