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Assessment Vs Evaluation – Week #1 January 16, 2014

Posted by jennienorgaard in Learning Journey.

After the first week of ECS 410 I have gained a better understanding of the difference between assessment and evaluation. Prior to this class, I had always thought these two things were the same. I thought that assessment and evaluation were just the “terms” used for how teachers gave you a certain grade/mark for each class. Instead, assessment is the feedback/comments in which you get for your work on how you did while evaluation is the grade/mark you get for your work.

After reading chapter two, I also learned that there are two different kinds of feedback that we can provide our students with. The first one being descriptive feedback, which “gives the learner information about their learning that helps them self-reference and plan their next steps.” This type of feedback usually: “comes during or after the learning, is easily understood and relates directly to the learning, is specific to help students improve, is an ongoing process/conversation about the students learning, and it deals with the performance of the work and not the person writing it. (p.17) The second type of feedback is evaluative feedback, which “tells the learner how he or she has performed compared to others (norm-referenced assessment) or as compared to what was to be learned (criterion-referenced assessment). (p. 17) Evaluative feedback is usually expressed by grades, numbers, checks, or other symbols. This type of feedback informs the students of what they understand and what they need to improve on, but it doesn’t tell the student how they can improve.

I think this is a topic that needs to be discussed more in other Education classes since clearly, there is a significant difference between assessment and evaluation. And if it weren’t for this class, I probably still would have thought these two things were the same.



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