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“Preparing Teachers for Uncertainty” October 22, 2013

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 210.

In this Chapter, it deals with the idea that uncertainty seems to always arise in teaching. No matter how you try to teach a lesson there will always be questions towards why you chose to teach a lesson that way? Although most teachers don’t have the intentions of bringing up these “questions” in their teachings, how do we go about teaching so that these questions don’t arise? Just like the quotes states, “Were we to define teaching as a process that not only gives students the knowledge and skills that matter in society, but also asks students to examine the political implications of that knowledge and skills, then we should expect that there will always be more to our teaching than what we intended.” (p.41) This deals with the fact that there is always the idea of hidden lessons in which we have to be aware of. Yes, there will always be hidden messages within our teaching, but the goal is not to try and work our way around this as it is nearly impossible to do. Instead it deals with the fact that we should know how to approach these different messages as they arise especially since each student views things differently. So how do we go about trying to teach with as little hidden messages as possible since every student has a “different lense” in viewing these things? 



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