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Kinds of Curriculum September 29, 2013

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 210.

The ways in which the link “Kinds of Curriculum” defines what curriculum is all ties into the idea of common sense. The way I see it is that Curriculum is a sense of common sense because in the end it is all seen as a routine and something we do in our every day lives. For example, for the most part in school we always did the same things in every subject just with different materials that the different classes/courses had. Although the material was different, the way in which we did things were still the same. Whether if be the hidden or formal curriculum common sense played a huge role on these. So depending on the teacher I would say that the students might not necessarily always agree with their perspective of common sense. 



1. daguenther - October 1, 2013

First off, sweet wordpress theme! Love the space and moon thing going on up at the top.

Common sense is indeed something that we do without much thought. I see your point about all classes being taught relatively the same way. How do you think classes could be taught to let go of the “common sense” that we have, and structured in such a way that the classrooms continue to challenge their own “common sense” in 10 years?

I like to design things, and this is a thought that greatly intrigues me. It does seem one thing to change a system to reflect a newer “common sense”, but designing a school system (that has some form of structure) that continues to adapt to the newest “common sense” seems like an enigma to me.

2. jennienorgaard - October 9, 2013

In order to discontinue the whole common sense idea I think we just have to interpret different teaching styles within our classrooms instead of the traditional lecturing and include more interdisciplinary teachings. I also think the idea of how efficient technology is in todays society will help us go into a different direction in our teachings so that students can’t simply just go online to find all their answers. The idea of a flipped classroom might also take the idea of common sense and the traditional teaching/learning styles into a different perspective. I believe that if we mix things up in our classrooms with how we do things not only will it engage the students more and make learning more interesting but it also gears us away from the idea of “common sense”.

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