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Kinds of Curriculum September 29, 2013

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 210.

The ways in which the link “Kinds of Curriculum” defines what curriculum is all ties into the idea of common sense. The way I see it is that Curriculum is a sense of common sense because in the end it is all seen as a routine and something we do in our every day lives. For example, for the most part in school we always did the same things in every subject just with different materials that the different classes/courses had. Although the material was different, the way in which we did things were still the same. Whether if be the hidden or formal curriculum common sense played a huge role on these. So depending on the teacher I would say that the students might not necessarily always agree with their perspective of common sense. 


ECS 210- Common Sense September 12, 2013

Posted by jennienorgaard in ECS 210.
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With regards to reading the first bit of Kumashiro’s “Against Common Sense” I found that he defines common sense to be a routine and that common sense is culture based. For example, Kumashiro talks about how in Nepal they only eat two meals a day and have tea at around 1:00pm, where as here in Canada everyone is accustomed to eating three meals a day. Therefore, I would say everyone and every culture has a different take on what common sense is. Kumashiro talks about how common sense says that a school is just a place with four walls, desks, a teacher lecturing at the front of the room and so on. But is this really what a school is? Kumashiro states that “Common sense is not what should shape educational reform or curriculum design; it is what needs to be examined and challenged.”(p.XXXVI)

It is important to pay attention to Common sense because everyone and every Culture has a different definition as to what common sense really is. It usually works to the benefit of dominant social groups as opposed to others. Common sense is what teachers should do as opposed to what they can do. Therefore it is important to pay attention to common sense because every school and every teacher operates their own classroom in a different way. There is no one correct way in how a classroom/school should be run.