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Spartans Basketball November 26, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Uncategorized.

Yesterday I took my day off and drove to North Battleford to watch the High School girls from Meadow Lake play their first game this season. The girls lost a bunch of their starters from last year so this first tournament was all about trying out who played well with who. So although the first game didn’t end up how the girls would have liked it was a good way of experiencing for the team. They lost their first game 50-32 but ended up winning their second game today which was good. Not only was it good to watch the girls play basketball again, it was good to be with the girls again and see the coaches again. Watching the girls play this weekend brought back some good memories, I miss high school basketball and sports so much! I miss being able to enjoy playing the sports I love, being with the girls, and being able to travel every weekend. But in all it was a good trip down to battleford to see everyone again. I showed up unexpected like I usually do, so when the girls first seen me walk into the gym they all got really excited because I haven’t seen some of those girls in 5 months. I love surprising the girls, it is definitely well worth the trip!



1. crk11 - November 28, 2011

Hey Jennie…. sounds like fun! Are you from N. Battleford?

jennienorgaard - November 28, 2011

No I’m from Meadow Lake. The girls were just playing in North Battleford that weekend.

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