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Tech Task #9 -Smartboards November 16, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Tech Tasks.

So just recently I got an amazing presentation and introduction to Smartboards. I learned so much about smartboards, and found that they can indeed come in handy! Not only will they help in the future for teaching but it also makes things less boring when it comes to learning. I found that Smartboards could come really handy for me to create more understanding and less boring activities as a high school Mathematics teacher. I looked at Outcome P20.8 of the Saskatchewan Curriculum. This outcome deals with Pre-Calculus 20 and understanding quadratic equations. Some websites that I found that would be useful in teaching this with Smartboards include:
Using the Quadratic Equation
Quadratic Formula
Graphing Quadratic Equations
These activities introduce the students to the quadratic formula, how to use the formula and last but not least how to graph the quadratic formula. I think that it is a good idea to teach students using a Smartboard because it involves everyone in the learning area such as how some students are visual learners and others are hands on learners. So the Smartboard technique will involve both of these because not only will it show the students how to do what it is they are learning but they will also get the opportunity to go up and try doing the questions themselves. The Smartboard would come in handy when dealing with graphing quadratic equations because that is best learned visually. This way you can see how they graph and how the equation should look at the end. Smartboards can not only get students to be active during Math Class but any class the Smartboard can be applied to everyones learning.



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