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Learning Project- October 23rd, 2011 November 9, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Learning Project.

I haven’t had much time to work on my learning project lately due to all my midterms and homework that is starting to pile up on me. But the good news is I have learned more words from where I last was! I now also know how to recognize the words: a lot, big, little/small, cheap, and mouth. I realize that I am only learning a couple of words each time but that is all I have been able to manage to do lately. I still haven’t found a site or resource that could better help me with my learning project. I call my mom and ask for help in learning how to accomplish my learning project, but since my mom isn’t that good at english to begin with she doesn’t really know how to help me that well. Also due to the fact that my mother hasn’t read or wrote chinese in about 20 years she, herself, is having difficulties trying to remember how to do it herself. So I haven’t had the greatest luck trying to rely on my mom to help me, so I often ask my cousins and family in Vancouver. They have helped me a bit in the way that they have helped me learn some of the words that I already have, tell me what words to try and learn, and which ones are easiest to try and recognize. So I have to thank my mom and family for all the time that they have put into trying to help me learn this project.



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