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Tech Task #7 October 31, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Tech Tasks.

So for tech task #7 we were told to go to http://www.wonderville.ca and try out one of the educational games and write a review on it. The game I chose to play was Crash Test: Power Shootout. This game basically just determined if you were a good hockey player or not and if you had what it took to becoming a star hockey player. You were given a variety of different sticks and had to see how many goals you could score with each different stick. By using these different sticks you could find out which stick gave off the most power and which stick had the greatest accuracy. From my experience playing this game I found that the cardboard wood at the best accuracy for me, scored the most goals with it and had a power that wasn’t too extremely huge. The cardboard stick was easier to score goals with because the power bar didn’t go that fast and the accuracy bar started slower than the other ones so it was easier to get goals in the beginning until the accuracy bar started going faster. I found that the other sticks power was rather quite slow as well but the accuracy bar was really fast so it was harder to get the correct accuracy in order to score any goals. For me the cardboard stick had an accuracy of 50%, power of 44% and scored 3 goals, the plastic stick had an accuracy of 38%, power of 18% and scored 1 goal. I found the wood stick to be really fast with getting the power and accuracy down. I had a power of 80%, accuracy of −1% and didn’t score any goals with it. The fibreglass stick was slower than the wood stick but still too fast for me. I got an accuracy of −2%, power of 59% and scored no goals with this stick as well. Lastly the carbon stick I had power of 88%, 27% accuracy and no goals with this stick as well. So in all the cardboard stick was the one that best matched me.



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