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Tech Task #6 October 25, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Tech Tasks.

So last week we had Silvia Tolisano join our online class and she talked to us about some different amazing ways to connect with other students around the world. Some of these different techniques to connect with others around the world I knew myself such as Skype and others I had recently just learned about through this online class such as Twitter, Blogging and Flickr.
I find Skype to be a really useful technique to connect with others around the world in the sense that it is good to be able to see the person that you are actually talking to. Skype works better than e-mail or over the phone because being able to actually see the person makes it easier to understand what it is they are trying to teach you. Not only does Skype help you with being able to see who it is you are actually talking to but it makes meeting different people around the world more easier. By meeting these new people around the world you get to get a different perspective on things and other peoples point of view on things. For example getting the point of view from someone outside of Canada on something about Canada can be interesting to just see what it is they think about the topic/subject and so on.
I found the project Around the World with 80 schools to be really neat because when you are learning about different places in school, getting the perspective from someone that is from that place is a good thing to have. So if you were learning about France in your history class it would be a really neat thing to be able to actually talk to someone from France on what it is you are learning because what you learn about the country or place and getting the perspective from someone who actually lives there can be quite a big difference. This way you can bring in experts and see different perspectives from people around the world. The reason we connect with others around the world is because we can also learn from them.



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