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Indoor Soccer October 22, 2011

Posted by jennienorgaard in Uncategorized.

So I am currently going to be playing on my brothers indoor soccer team in Saskatoon and I am so excited! I just went and bought new indoor shoes today, and we have a practice at 8 tonight. So I get to meet the team tonight, there is 10 girls and 15 guys on the team and its going to be 3 girls and 3 guys on at a time plus the goalkeeper. I am so excited to play indoor soccer with my brother and his girlfriend and all his friends. This will be my first time ever playing indoor soccer and it should be interesting. I’m so thrilled to see how things are going to go tonight. Our first game is on November 5th! This opportunity will give me a chance to meet some new people even though it isn’t in Regina, give me a break from always doing homework and being bored in my dorm room every weekend. This also lets me play soccer again, because I do really miss playing all the sports that I was involved in during my high school years. Going from playing sports all year in High School to not being involved in anything in university has been a really big change for me because sports was a really big part of my life during high school. But then again things change and you have to work around it all because that is just simply how life goes!



1. Trina C - October 22, 2011

Have fun! I think it’s important as students and as teachers to always find things that give us joy and that remind us that there is more to life than work/school. Don’t get me wrong, those things are really important and will definitely consume a good deal of time in our profession but I like to compare it to the speech that you get whenever you get on an airplane. Remember to put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. We really do need to remember to take care of ourselves!

Do what you love!!

2. dwachal - October 22, 2011

Its so exciting getting involved in organized sports. I used to play indoor in Winnipeg but have not been able to find the time to connect with a team in Regina since I moved her a few years ago. Its so important to keep involved in the things that make us feel young and keep us fit. Good luck in your first game!!!!!

3. kdwallen - October 27, 2011

I totally understand Jennie! I really miss all the sports I used to play in school too! Sounds like indoor soccer will be great! Have lots of fun!!!

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