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Tech Task #3 September 29, 2011

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Blogs that I am now following include:
These two are going to help me with my learning project, which is trying to learn how to read or write chinese. Which ever one I can do and learn more of I am going to do that one, and if I can somehow manage to pull off learning both of these that would be amazing.
http://www.tsn.ca/- I’m following this because I am really into my sports and whats happening. It gives me the latest updates on everything.
http://fatburningtips4women.com/ – I am following this because I am interested in it and it tells you how to stay in shape, losing weight and such.
http://ideasandthoughts.org/ – and lastly I am following my ECMP 355 professor Dean Shareski.

The 10 new twitters that I currently am following are:
I followed these people on twitter because they were either my friends, people I know from back home or my favourite soccer team which is Barcelona. I followed ShellTerrell because I thought her presentation was amazing. I also followed the news because the news interests me and I like to know whats going on and happening in the world.


Tech Task #2 September 17, 2011

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